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Love Circles is a resource for building heart-centered communities based on mutual relationships, common goals, and shared values.


Connect with artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations like you who share a similar creative dream or purpose.


Collaborate with Love Ambassadors from around the world to organize events and projects. Share resources, ideas, and inspiration to build thriving communities.


Create a love circle in your local community. Become the leader of your own movement, igniting and uniting a movement of love!

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Connect with people from around the world who share a similar creative dream or purpose.

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Kévin Chappe


"My creative dream is to live on a self-sufficient place in harmony with nature. I want to live in a place where there are other people living there, and where we share different things. It should be as ecological as possible, meaning no waste, and no pollution." -Brest, France

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Mariah Friend

Creator of Love Circles

"My creative dream is to learn how to live together in a global community where everyone has enough. My hope is for the world to become smaller as our hearts grow bigger." -Kansas City, MO

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Marina Daldalian

Clinical Intelligence Researcher

“My creative dream is to build a community wellness center that offers educational classes, yoga classes, and home-cooked meals; a place for people to gather and learn about how to be the best version of themselves.” -Naperville, IL

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